Prove people wrong

Being the Best You Can Be

John K. Feccoy

Most people seem to have a view on who and what you are and also what you are capable of. Some will keep this quiet whilst others will feel the need to tell you exactly what they think of you. You may find some don’t use words but reactions so when you mention something you want to do or are going to do, they will roll their eyes or laugh outwardly as a way of conveying their belief that your plans are silly or unachievable.  

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Do you know it for sure?

Being the Best You Can Be

Sonali Yale

How many times a day do you wind yourself up imagining what others are thinking about you? Do you find yourself going over discussions in your mind or planning out conversations which you think will take place? Do you revisit previous conversations to I’ve the answer you wish you had given? Then STOP right now! Stop rethinking, stop imagining what people are saying and thinking and breathe then read on.  

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I’m done with that 

Being the Best You Can Be

Alyson Kaliocc

Recently, I have heard and read interviews where interviewees are asked to discuss what they are done with and they always have a detailed answer. This has encouraged us as life coaches to chat amongst ourselves and also to ask our friends “What are you done with?”. We decided that our animated discussions proved that we needed a post dedicated to “I’m done with that” in its own right.

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Less is more

Being the Best You Can Be

Alison George

This is an idea which has been going around for a few years now as is minimalism and it would be easy to confuse the two and believe they are the same thing. There are many similarities between the two however in terms of this article I must make clear I am talking about less is more as opposed to minimalism, a slightly different idea in my mind.

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It’s OK to set your boundaries (series, part 4)

Being the Best You Can Be

Hannah Ellison

How many times have you said yes to doing something you don’t want to do or can’t do as you are already filled up task wise and can’t fit in anything more? When was the last time you were treated negatively by someone personally or professionally and still allowed it to happen? We are the best people to teach others how to treat us, yet we don’t realise that ‘it’s OK to set our boundaries’.

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